About us


  • We deal directly with manufacturers to source quality products, while carrying the burden of quality control.

  • Our main focus is to make it quick and easy to give gifts to a large group of people, whether its family, employees, or clients for your business, but we have several exciting things coming up in the future!

  • Our Focus

    As a company started by current University students, innovation is very important to us. We are constantly looking for ways to innovate our business model without sacrificing the efficiency and personal touch we pride ourselves on. Every interaction, positive and negative helps us learn more about running a business and addressing the desires of a clientele.

  • "Subscriptions"

    Our subscription service is the bread and butter of the provedproductsservices model. The system is evolving, and we are constantly learning new ways to improve this system. For now, two categories are in place, by submitting a form we will curate a collection of gifts for whatever set of people you like, and you will select the specific gifts from an email prompt sent before the desired date of gift arrival. A more personalized setup is currently done by setting an appointment on our calendar widget, in this meeting we will take a more direct survey of your needs, and offer gifts that may not be listed on the site. (This is a premium system and due to the hands on work required the price will fluctuate depending on the work required)

  • What is next?

    We always want to be innovating and discovering new ways to serve our clients. The next major updates will include a vast expansion of products, these products are not included in the launch of the website as quality control is of extreme importance to us. We are very excited to roll out customized logos on almost all of our products listed in the store! In addition to custom logos on products to fit your brand or store, we will also be rolling out customized clothing, which will be a perfect mass gift for your office or loyal clients! For any questions or suggestions about the future of ProvedProductServices, please fill out our contact form.

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